With all the new technologies available today, choosing the right type of lighting for your home isn't an easy task. While traditional incandescent light bulbs are pretty cheap, they have very high energy demand, and a short lifetime. On the other hand modern compact fluorescent or LED lights require much less electricity but they cost more.

Will it, and when will your initial investment of the higher priced products return? Or should you better go with the good old lights? Well this depends mostly on how much you use your lighting.

With our light bulb calculator we would like to help you to find the right type of lighting for your needs. Just answare a few simple questions, and we will estimate your annual energy usage and total cost of electricity and lighting appliance.

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This is the amount of electricity used every year and it's cost. But the price of the light bulbs and the time they'll last is important also. If a light bulb will last longer than the other then you'll need to replace it less often, and thus you'll pay less for the bulbs. But some very expensive products will cost you more despite theire longer lifetime.

It's advisable to see all your costs together when choosing between different technologies. By filling out the two fields below we can help you with that.

Total cost of ownership
years Total Cost of Ownership Nr. of Bulbs required Cost of electriticy Cost of bulbs
1 year
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10 years
20 years

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