How one uses the lighting in a room depends on several factors, but most notably on one thing: do the windows let enough sunshine into the room or not. While this sounds simple, ambient lighting depends a lot on where you live. Our light usage calculator will help you to estimate the number of hours your light will be turned on each year.

Just think it through that at what time of the day do you turn this light on, and when do you turn it off. For example, if you usually get home around 6PM and you go to sleep around 11PM then it is very likely that you'll have the living room lights on when there's dark outside. In the calculator below just enter the two times and tell us whether you'll turn this light on regardless of the outside sunshine or you just use this light after sunset. Then we will estimate the hours of time spent with lighting regarding the time of sunset and sunrise during the day. For maximum accuracy we will take into account day light saving period for your country.

Even if you don't use the lights every day that's not a problem. You can set the number of days in a week or month and we refine the estimation with this.

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